Meet Dr. Reddy Parvata, MD


Staff Anesthesiologist, Durham Anesthesia Associates
Attending Anesthesiologist, Connemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Residency in Anesthesiology, Youngstown Hospital Association, Youngstown, Ohio
Fellow in Anesthesia, Deacones Hospital, Buffalo, New York
Senior Registrar, Regional Hospital, Limerick, Ireland
Additional Professor of Anesthesia, Guntur Medical College, AP, India
Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, India


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Kumool Medical College, India
House Surgeon
Kumool General Hospital, India
Assistant Surgeon
S.V. Medical College
Tirupati, India
Medical Doctor (Anesthesia)
Institute of Medical Sciences
Osmania General Hospital
Hyderabad, India
Fellow of the American College of Anesthesiology
American Board of Anesthesiology Part 1
Diploma, American Board of Anesthesiology

Teaching and Clinical Experience:

Professor, post graduate course in Anesthesiology, India
Senior Registrar in Anesthesia, course for Senior House Officers, Ireland
Fellow in Anesthesiology for residents in Anesthesia at Deaconess Hospital, Buffalo, NY
Attending Physician to Residents in Anesthesia, Connemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital, Johnstown PA
Attending in Anesthesia, presenting Durham Regional HosptialNurse Anesthesia Program
Chairman, Department of Anesthesia, Durham County Hospital
President of Durham Anesthesia Associates


“Anesthesia for Caesarian Sections – A Review of 200 Cases”
“Evaluation of Haernaccel as Plasma Volume Expander”